TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Dennis Buchmann

Dennis Buchmann

Dennis Buchmann ist Diplom-Biologe und Absolvent der Deutschen Journalistenschule. Der 36-Jährige gewann mit seiner Idee des Humanglobalen Zufalls den Scoop!-Wettbewerb des Axel Springer Verlages und durfte das Magazin im Zuge dessen mit 500.000 € Preisgeld realisieren. Danach ging er zu betteplace.org, wo er seit fünf Jahren arbeitet und mittlerweile Textchef ist. Außerdem studierte er Public Policy an der Humboldt Viadrina School of Governance. Sein Studienprojekt MeinekleineFarm.org ist zu einer kleinen Firma herangewachsen, die seit 2 Jahren bzw. über 100 Schweinen Fleisch ein Gesicht gibt. Adopt a Day ist seine erste Buchidee, die er umsetzt.


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Marvin Brito

Marvin Brito

Marvin Brito just turned 12 years old and is Kiddify's first official Ambassador. He has many skills and talents, loves languages and is proud to be Tedx Youth speaker. He will hold a talk alongside Joelle Nguyen.


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Joelle Nguyen

Joelle Nguyen

Joelle is 11 years old. She attends the 6th grade of the bilingual (English/German) European school „Quentin Black School“ in Berlin. In her spare time she likes to write short-stories and composes songs on her piano. When Joelle grows up, she wants to be a designer, a writer and/or a singer. She will hold a talk with Marvin Brito.


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Dan Be Kim

Dan Be Kim

Dan Be Kim was raised in Korea until the ago of nine, when she moved to Auroville, Southern India. Auroville is a community where people from all over the world come together to put their differences aside and to create an environment, where people can live as one. Dan Be will talk about what living in Auroville has taught her and why she moved to Berlin.


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Julinka Waesche

Julinka Waesche

Having just started the IB Diploma Program at the BBS, Julinka Waesche is rolling with the stress, excitement and opportunity that the last two years of school tend to bring about. Like many students her age, she has no idea where she will be in 2 years time. However, she knows that her passion lies with English and Biology. Outside the classroom she runs - a lot - but when she's not running she'll probably be found playing the guitar or debating. She is really excited to be part of TEDxYouth@Berlin and is looking forward to seeing you at the event at Humboldt Viadrina School of Government soon!


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Christian Rogers

Christian Rogers

Christian grew up in a small village on the North Devon coast, above the cliffs looking out to the sea, the sound of which has never left his ears. 

Christian began performing in Wales as a street performer in 1986. Disillusioned with the political state of Britain at that time he left to travel, alone, through Europe. Living only from what he earned on the streets as a clown and a juggler he made his way to each corner of Europe as it was then. He met travellers, vagabonds and crazy people from all around the world. He discovered and absorbed much from the cultures he encountered in an attempt to shake off the island mentality that he had grown up with. Driven by curiosity and an overwhelming desire to look round the next corner he was able to open his mind to learn about other people and places.

So too did he learn the importance of tradition, culture and, especially, language as a means to identity. He discovered how entertaining and effective a simple tale, well told, could be. As a traveller, bound to travelling lightly, he had found the perfect material for his performances. Performing a mixture of tales and anecdotes mixed with juggling and physical comedy Christian created a self contained entertainment. Since leaving Britain he has never done anything else than perform. 

Now, after more than 25 years, he has gathered stories from the places where he has lived and turned his talents to their telling. 


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Jamila Tressel, Alma de Zárate und Lara-Luna Ehrenschneider

Alma de Zarate, Jamila Tressel & Lara-Luna Ehrenschneider

Jamila Tressel, Alma de Zárate und Lara-Luna Ehrenschneider sind die Autorinnen des Buches: „Wie wir Schule machen. Lernen, wie es uns gefällt“. Alma de Zárate, Jamila Tressel und Lara-Luna Ehrenschneider, 1999, 1998 und 1997 in Berlin geboren, besuchen die Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum, die für ihr Lernkonzept vielfach ausgezeichnet wurde (u.a. von der Karg-Stiftung). Wie wir Schule machen ist Almas, Jamilas und Lara-Lunas erstes Buch, das sie zusammen mit Uli Hauser, stern-Reporter und Autor (Jedes Kind ist hoch begabt), geschrieben haben.

In ihrem Buch berichten sie, wie sie in ihrer Schule fürs Leben lernen. Ihre Fächer heißen „Herausforderung“ und „Verantwortung“, in sogenannten Lernbüros teilen sie sich ihr Pensum selbst ein – alles innerhalb des Lehrplans. Ein Beispiel des Gelingens, einfach und erfrischend. Die drei Autorinnen und ihre Mitschüler bilden inzwischen Lehrer weiter und machen Mut umzudenken.


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Jessica Erickson

Jessica Erickson

Jessica Erickson is the Founder of Geekettes, an organization uniting, mentoring and promoting women in tech of worldwide. She has the amazing opportunity of interacting with some of the smartest entrepreneurs, hackers and designers in Europe. In her spare time she mentors with three Berlin-based accelerator programs: hub:arum, Microsoft Ventures & Startupbootcamp. Jessica holds a MSc in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics. Follow her on Twitter at @jessjerickson.


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Renzo Sergei van Eyssen

Renzo Sergei van Eyssen

Renzo Sergei van Eyssen grew up as an international student with a multi-cultural and multi-lingual background. He attended a private school in South Africa and was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. The school suggested Ritalin as a method to 'keep him in his seat'. Renzo will talk about what these experiences have taught him.


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Elias Miguel Nader & Jasper Akkermans

Jasper & Elias

Jasper and Elías have been making movies since they taught themselves how to handle a camera when they were 9 years old. Steadily they became more comfortable with moviemaking, and got help from Youtube channels to learn more about editing and special effects. Where Elías stands behind the camera, gives directions and edits, Jasper and their friends think up stories and act. Throughout their years of moviemaking they have worked their way through 3 cameras, gradually learning more about how to handle them. Starting off with iMovie, Elías worked his way up to using professional Programs like Premiere Pro. They are currently editing a skiing video they recorded on their recent trip to the French Alps. Elías and Jasper greatly enjoy filmmaking and can only recommend it to other young people.


TEDxYouth@Berlin "The Spark" Omar Jarmillo Travers

Omar Jarmillo Travers

Omar Jarmillo Travers is a studied architect and an urban sketcher. He keeps a blog in which he publishes drawings and paintings of his travels, events, and other day to day projects. He also offers workshops and courses and offers his sketching skills as a special way to document events. Omar will briefly speak about his workshop and document the TEDxYouth event.


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